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Meet the Bulldog

The Bulldog Way
At RWI Logistics we strive to deliver the best, every day by delivering solutions to our customers by living our core values. For our team, our company mascot, Riley Whittle the Bulldog embodies the core values we hope to demonstrate to our customers, carriers and team members.

Meet the Bulldog
Bulldogs are resilient, dependable, determined and courageous. So, where did the name Riley Whittle come from you ask? Well, in 1974 the Castellini Group of Companies purchased Riley Whittle, Inc., a trucking company that was founded in 1954. Through the purchase of Riley Whittle, Inc. the Castellini Group of Companies continues to prosper, and eventually, RWI Logistics was formed in 2013. The name Riley Whittle was chosen as a nod to our history.
Today, Riley Whittle the Bulldog is a strong daily reminder of the core values of which the company was founded. Our values include communication, integrity, people, execution and responsibility. For Riley, these are more than just words they are a way of life. Below we will find out what these five words mean to Riley and RWI Logistics.

For us, communication is seamless, transparent and proactive – simply put, it’s how we run our business. As a company responsible for handling our entire client’s logistics needs it’s important to have seamless communication from start to finish. Transparency, we strive to be transparent in everything we do, whether we’re interacting with clients, freight carriers or our team members. In the logistics industry being proactive is imperative. By being proactive we solve the toughest challenges for our clients.

Simply put, we do the right thing – no compromises. We want our clients to know that when they’re working with us they are working with a team of like-minded Bulldogs who will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Passion, discipline, competitive nature, strong work ethic, energy, and drive are just a few of the words used to describe our team – together we get it done. To be an effective member of the RWI Logistics team it’s important to embody these characteristics day in and day out. After all, it takes teamwork to be successful.

At RWI Logistics we encourage our teammates to operate like they own the company. With that in mind, we believe in results and executing what our customers expect from us without hesitation.

We’re responsible for more than the day to day operations that take place within our company; we’re responsible for the environment, community and the safety of others. Together, we’re making strides to make a positive impact in these areas as we continue to grow.
Riley reminds his teammates to live out our core values to our customers, carriers and team members each day. Keep an eye out for future blogs from Riley!