Perishable Products are Our Specialty…and our Passion

Temperature-sensitive. Time-sensitive. Handling-sensitive. Capacity-Sensitive.

We get it. And we deliver the best, every day.

RWI Logistics helps our grower and retail customers move the freshest, highest quality produce, floral, and other perishable products from farm to market. Our strategically located refrigerated warehouses, extensive carrier network, and intimate knowledge of moving perishable goods, allows us to develop smart, customized solutions that meet your requirements. You can be confident that your perishables will arrive on time and in the condition you demand…whether it’s one pallet or a full truckload. Our team members are available around the clock because we know perishables are a 24-hour business.

Grounded in Produce and Perishables

As a part of the Castellini Group of Companies our foundation is based on 120 years of produce history, heritage, and knowledge. This history allows RWI Logistics to provide superior expertise and execution in the movement of the most sensitive freight ... perishables.

The Castellini Group of Companies combines to form one of the largest distributors of fresh produce in the United States.  We are your one source for distribution and fresh produce needs; wholesale, merchandising, fresh cut, foodservice, custom packaging, organics, ripening, private label, and retail.

Mixed fruits and vegetables at organic fair

RWI Logistics Ships All Perishables

A wooden crate is filled with fresh, colorful organic vegetables. The crate is tilted and some vegetables are out of it on a rustic wood table.  DSRL studio photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mk II and Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM Telephoto Zoom Lens
Boxes with eclairs on conveyor. Eclair shells in white boxes. Fresh pastry ready for shipment. Production of popular snack.
Baskets of tomatoes ready for sale on farmer's flatbed trailer.
Wine bottles on the wooden shelf.