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why RWI for Dry Freight

While we have a long standing history in produce and perishable freight we also know the significance that dry freight products have in a consumer’s life. Whether it be a shipment of canned goods or a truckload of steel, each load is treated with the same care and consideration as a shipment of raspberries.

The partnerships we have developed with our carriers enables us to provide you with the best possible solutions for your non-perishable shipping and receiving needs.  Through ongoing training and countless years of experience, our team members understand your specific needs of any freight type. Using our reliable Carrier network, we execute thousands of shipments each year. By insisting on superior safety standards, rigorous evaluations, and proactive improvements, RWI Logistics is able to offer our customers a transportation experience above our competitors. Our “around the clock” staffing enables seamless communication with both customers and carriers ensuring the ability to update and adjust throughout the transit of your load. The result is an excellent on time delivery percentage and a customer base with exceeded expectations.

RWI Logistics excels in a multitude of services in order to fully complement our customer’s needs. While the history of RWI Logistics is rooted in full truckload shipments of produce, the ever-changing transportation industry has given us to opportunity to evolve into a logistics company who handles all aspects of shipments. Whether it be full truckload, dry, refrigerated, flatbed, less than truckload, intermodal, aviation, or maritime, RWI Logistics is a one stop shop for all of your transportation needs.

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RWI Logistics – Experts in all types of dry freight

A long line of unbranded soda bottles in various flavours and colors, the focus on the center of the line.
Rear quarter view of a tractor trailer truck hauling a load of lumber, some motion blur. Focus on cab, 16:9 aspect ratio.
Water bottling line for processing and bottling pure spring water into canisters.
Lyckeby, Sweden - April 7, 2016: Pallets with plastic wrapped soil and fertilizer bags stored behind a shop in public area.